Why .film


The internet is increasingly important for the Film Industry as consumers look to interact and transact with authoritative content.


There is inconsistency in the way the industry is promoting film content and others are taking advantage of this confusion by monetizing non-genuine content, impacting Film Industry revenues.


The .film domain name space introduces exclusivity, trust and a standard that the film industry can universally support to drive consumers to authoritative content.



Private company from Melbourne,

Board of Directors have over 15 years experience in the Domain Name and Film Industry.

MPDR delivers a world-class Domain Name Registry service.

Mission Statement

To provide an exclusive, dedicated and authoritative domain space for the Film Industry that allows consumers across the globe to engage directly with content relating to films, organizations, products and services.

Global Marketplace

.film will provide domains name for a global film marketplace.

Translates directly into many languages such as English,  French,Spanish.

Globally recognizable term for authentic film content online.

Instantly recognizable by the public as film related.