Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I register a .film domain name?

You can register a .film domain name at any of our participating registrars.

Am I eligible to register a .film domain name?

There are eligibility components in the .film domain namespace. To find out if you are eligible, please visit our eligibility page here.

How much is a .film domain name to register?

.film domain name pricing varies at participating registrars. You can find a list of accredited registrars here.

I have a trademark and want to participate in the .film domain Sunrise Program – how do I do that?

You will first have to register your trademark with the Trademark Clearinghouse. You can find more information about registering your trademark here: After this is complete, you can participate with Registrars offering the .film domain name for Sunrise.

What exactly is the Early Access Program?

The Early Access Program gives eligible registrants the best opportunity to register .film domains name because it is a 60-day application window. Registrants can put in an application at any time during that time frame. At the end of the program, as long as there are no competing applications, the domain name will be allocated to the registrant.

Film websites are no longer just a place for short term film promotion

The internet offers a film permanency and perpetual access

The internet offers a film permanency and perpetual access


establishes the home of the film online


The website will be updated to contain the official full length trailer/s


Release information is added including any other interactive components and features